I just got a sad news about a girl friend  of mine was murdered by her boyfriend and also had to kill himself. When women are subjugated in our socities these sorts of stories continue to abound.

Her name is Martine Ashley and she was a really close friend. It was shocking to me at first because i could not believe that such a rare gem would be clipped away from us. I kept telling myself that i wish she had told someone, maybe, just maybe she would still be alive today.

Please women out there facing Domestic Violence please speak out and talk to someone. There are people out there such as Gleek Planet could come to the rescue.

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Gender Equality is a Right. Strife to Empower/Educate yourself as a girl, woman with skills, at any time an opportunity presents itself. Be the Change that this Generation need. 

We need the sort girls, women who believe in themselves before the world can believe in you.

International Day of the Girl Child.

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to commemorate the International Day of the Girl Child, today, October 11, the pains, gains and future of girl child in our nation are brought to the fore. The annual celebration highlights issues concerning gender inequality facing young girls, and this year’s theme,The Power of the Adolescent Girl: Vision for 2030, captures the essence of the campaign for better condition for them. The issues include rights to education/access to education, nutrition, legal representation, medical care; protection from discrimination; violence against women and child marriage.

However, it is pertinent to examine how Nigeria has fared in ensuring that these issues are tackled, even as gender activists and members of the civil society believe the Nigerian government has a long way to go in providing the right condition for the girl child to attain her full potentials, and needs to marshal out plans to get more girls into schools. 

We hope today will be set aside by each household in Nigeria to celebrate the gift of the girl child to humanity. Gleek Planet wishes every girl out there a blissful commeration of the its day.



Gleek Planet has introduced this initiative “SEXISM & GENDER INEQUALITY IN DEVELOPING COUNTRIES- CASE STUDY (THE NIGERIAN WOMAN/GIRL CHILD)’’ in secondary schools in order to sensitize young students on the issue from their formative years to prepare their minds towards allowing more women inclusion at households, religious centres and political outfits during its Era.

Effectively, the sensitization workshops shall go a long way to imbibe in our young women that they can be more than just domestic folks but rather a beacon of hope for the future of women empowerment in Africa and beyond.

Furthermore, we are working in collaboration with Tertiary institutions in the UK to bring about the best in the video-documentary series. The series is taking place both abroad and here in Nigeria.

So far we have achieved some of the objectives of the project mainly in secondary schools. However, we have major challenges in securing funds needed to organise some of these seminars and purchasing materials needed for the clubs & society to thrive.

Gleek Planet Consults is running point on this project and also partnering with other companies and learning institutions to bring the best out of the project.

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